Saturday, April 28

Another Gas Station, Another Story

There are many things that we take for granted in Israel.  The following story illustrates three of them: 
One evening last week, we went to a gas station off a small intercity road.  As we were filling up, a young man stops his car, gets out - leaving the engine still running - and runs into the shop.  He was back out again very quickly, obviously he was in a hurry.  However, he did take the time to stop and kiss the mezuza on his way in and out of the shop.
The young man wasn't dressed by any "religious standards" - no kipa, no tzitzit.  But the mezuza is part of his consciousness, part of his daily life.  In fact, the gas station shop wasn't specifically advertising itself as Kosher, either.  But it has a Mezuza.  This is Israel, after all.  The Jewish country even (or especially) when there is no  law mandating this Halacha.
As for leaving the car running, well, why not?  This is Israel, after all.

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