Sunday, June 17

Street names

Did you ever notice the names of the streets on which you drive?
Last week, we went to Ashdod.  The first street name that caught my eye was "Rehov Kibbutz Galuyot".   That's what we are living right now - Kibbutz Galuyot - and we are proud of it.  

I love when streets are named for people, and on the street sign is an explanation , such as רחוב שלמה שבזי, with the little history lesson on the blue sign רב וגדול המשוררים של יהדות תימן.   If his name is being given, people should know WHY.  
Similarly, on our highways, the signs for interchanges have a "segol" under the letter "mem"- the highway builders do not want anyone to make any Hebrew language mistakes - it's a Mehlaf, not a Mahlef.  

These street-side lessons in Jewish History and Lashon haKodesh explain the saying  in the Gemara:
כל המהלך ארבע אמות בארץ ישראל – מובטח לו שהוא בן העולם הבא." ~ תלמוד בבלי, מסכת כתובות, דף קי"א, עמוד א"
Just walking (or driving) around Eretz Yisrael connects us to eternity.

Anyone who happens to photograph any of these signs is most welcome to upload them.  I hope to do so myself, too.


  1. nice, creative translation of the famous gemara in ketubot:-)

    1. it wasn't intended as a translation, rather as an interpretation....