Sunday, August 12

Medical Emergencies

Friday afternoon, a child has pain in her eyes.   After resting, the eye still hurts and is mildly swollen.

Almost 25 years ago, I had a teacher who became a friend, Rabbi Dr. David Applebaum, Hashem Yikom Damo.   Almost 25 years ago, he told a few of us students that he dreams of opening an emergency medical centre, so that people shouldn't have to go to hospital with smaller urgent issues.   And BH, he succeeded in opening Terem - first one branchin Yerushalaim, then another, one in Beit Shemesh, and other cities as well.  (I will BEH write more about DA another time....)

So, this past Friday, dh took dd to Terem. Within an hour, they were home, dd diagnosed and treated for a scratched cornea - antibiotic cream, not much else to do.   By the end of Shabbat, the swelling was down, she had played with cousins and friends, and all is good, BH BH BH.

AND, unlike "third world countries" such as Canada, her medical info is available to her doctors via her Kupat Holim card.   Our medical system is computerized, so that lab test results can be seen by her doctor (and by us) on the computer immediately - not two weeks later by fax....  

The only info not yet on the computer is Tipat Halav innoculation info.   Mister Litzman, are you reading this???

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