Wednesday, October 17

This month in the army

I turned on the radio for the 7am news, and before the news was :
היום , ראש חודש חשוון, מתחיל חודש הספורט והכושר בצה"ל, etc etc
בוקר טוב, ישראל
Today, Rosh Hodesh Heshvan, begins Sport and Fitness Month in the IDF....  (short description of activities and events )  Good Morning, Israel.  
No mention of the Gregorian date.

Forgive me, but I find this very special.....

Okay, don't forgive me.  Forgive yourself.  And realize how special this truly is.  
We're home, and it is OUR calendar that matters.  OUR monthly cycle.   And we don't  have to explain ourselves to anyone.  IF they don't know it is a new month, well, then they need to look at the calendar.  (And EVERY calendar in this country says the Hebrew date.)

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