Wednesday, April 24

Yesterday in the Yerushalaim Mall

Yesterday, my sister and I went out for lunch to celebrate our father's 70th birthday.  (It's not OUR fault that he didn't come in from Canada to join us!!)

Before eating, I popped into a store to price an item.  After the salesguy told me the price, he told me which other store in the mall has a similar item, and that I should price their item and then see which is more worthwhile for me.

THEN, at the cafe, I was nervous that the sauce on a certain dish would be too sharp / spice/ harif for me, so I asked for the sauce to be on the side.   After placing our order, the waitress returned with a member of the kitchen staff , who felt he MUST tell us that, "the dish will lose its taste if it isn't cooked with the sauce, and don't worry, he'll make sure it is mild, not too much sauce....."   And he did.   Salmon Pad Thai at Greg - excellent!!!

Yes, Israeli culture encourages the busybodies, and that can be very helpful.

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