Tuesday, May 28

התיצבו וראו את ישועת ה'

That is a quote from Ari S. (okay, not originally...) , who spoke this evening at the Lemaan Achai dinner, while showing a clip of Iron Dome "taking out" 14 out of 15 missiles shot from Azza in the space of half a minute.
The video was filmed by guests at a wedding in Be'er Sheva durign Operation Pillar of Defense - who ran for their video cameras (rather than shelter) when the siren went.
When you think about it, the system is the large-scale equivalent of a a bullet taking down another bullet.  The concept sounded impossible to knowledgeable scientists, but impossible is normal in Israel.  In fact,  HaShem helps our army and defense systems so much, that it seems totally NATURAL that Iron Dome woudl work, and so the wedding guests didn't run for shelter, rather they pulled out their video cameras.

No, this is not a call to rely on miracles.
But it is a call to appreciate them when they happen.

(PS - yes, some American politicos said that we are gonna keep losing the propaganda wars as long as we keep defending our citizens at the same time as the Other Side ties their civilians to the rooftops of buildings that house missile launchers.   In repsonse to this reminder that "the world loves dead Jews,"  Ari got the coordinates of where the missiles WOULD HAVE landed but for HaShem's Iron Dome, and made a slide of photos of the hospitals, university campus, apartment buildings, that would have buried hundreds of Israelis.    I will try to get some of those and post them.)

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