Monday, January 13

Even The Traffic Signs Are Jewish

DD2 is (finally) learning for her drivers' theory test.  I am very grateful that my children do not feel that a driver's license is their birthright right, but rather they recognize the awesome responsibility a driver has on their shoulders.    I imagine that having been one car behind a jeep that was hit by a drunk driver last summer helped drive that point home...
Yesterday, in the course of reading the theory book, she came across the Intersection warning sign:
At the bottom of the page of the official theory book, there is a note pointing out that the junction is shown by an X, and not a cross, because this is a Jewish country.

There are things we take for granted, but we can feel so much better if we appreciate the thought that goes into them.   

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  1. Hmm... I don't know if it is true, because the sign with the X is actually pretty common in Europe (see Italy, a Catholic country, )