Tuesday, April 28

Today I Met a Traditional Jew

Today I was in Yerushalaim.  I stood outside Sha'ar HaShalshelet, looking at Har HaBayit, and, in addition to praying, I had a nice chat with a policewoman who is currently studyign at the Police Academy in Beit Shemesh (and dogn shifts in Yerushalaim).
She is not religious, she said.  Just traditional.    

As a traditional Jew, she has been skipping the cheese at suppers in the Academy if it isn't six full hours since she finished the meat portionof her lunch.  (Yes, I told her Rav Ovadia's psak on the subject).

And, as a traditional Jew of Indian background, sh is strict about her family's custom of not swimming inteh ocean during Sefirat HaOmer, despite living pratcically on the beach in Ashqelon.

No, she isn't completely strict about Shabbat.  So, she isn't "religious," she is traditional, she said, and showed me aphotoo of her son in gan, wearing kippa and tallit, saying the beracha while holding the hallot at Kabbalat Shabbat.

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